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So what is your story?
Let me guess – Perhaps you are entering the domain of leadership from either of these directions:

  • Congratulations—you have become a manager
  • You have ventured into a successful business of your own. To sustain that success, you now need to hire, manage and lead staff for the first time.

In other words, you are either a new or an experienced First Level Leader. Wherever you are coming from, you will find valuable information here. You can boost your chances of success in your role by gaining essential Leadership Styles. Here, you will learn how to navigate effectively in the world of First Level Leaders.

From managing self to managing others
When you step into a management role for the first time, you typically experience an abrupt shift in the nature of your work. The transition from contributing individually to managing a team and contributing through others is especially challenging. Though this might seem like an easy, natural leadership passage, it’s one where you often trip.

Being a first level leader is never easy
It is really tough and lonely out there. Managers who want to get ahead simply can’t afford to say,” I don’t know how to do this.” When real people get worried and confused, they need encouragement and practical advice, and they need it fast. You cannot ignore the essential skills required at this leadership passage. It’s all about improving your leadership style and managerial skills by avoiding the common errors.

Forty Percent of leaders going into new roles fail during the first 18 months
Some leaders don’t understand the impact of their actions and unintentionally send the wrong messages to their employees and peers. Some do a lot of work and expend plenty of energy without accomplishing what is important to their stakeholders.

Do you know the reason for this failure?
The difficulty stems from two major challenges confronting the first line managers:

  • Developing new skill sets and a leadership style
  • Managing the process of transition itself

What does research indicate?
Research indicates that a notable percentage of first- level-leaders under perform in their new roles. Fifty percent of transitioning leaders struggle to achieve acceptable levels of performance for as long as their first two years in the role.

Most leaders are interested in learning, but are restricted for want of opportunities and time. The aroma of First Level Leadership is the aroma of learning without straining. You could enjoy carefully researched articles and audio lessons on—Performance Appraisals, Motivation, Presentation tips, Conflict Management, Leadership Style, Coaching, Delegation, Feedback, Transitions and many more…

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