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Prohibited cannabinoids on the European market

October 19, 2018 0

Every year the number of new psychoactive substances appear in the world. Most of them are caused by synthetic cannabinoids, which seriously violate the psychotic condition of people. They are distributed on the black market through online stores, as the herbal smoking mixtures. This type of drugs raises a number of mental and somatic disorders at the peak of intoxication.

Over the past 5–7 years, synthetic cannabinoids (SCB) have been widely distributed. In most European countries, these groups of narcotic substances occupy a leading position among the causes of urgent hospitalization. Therefore, the issue of distribution of CSB causes a serious concern of the states and societies. What has been done to prevent it?

The emergence of Spices

The emergence of new smoking herbal products with the addition of synthetic cannabinoids can be considered as a new development in the field of designer drugs. In many countries, where so-called “Spices” and similar substances are available, they have become a significant problem. Over the past 10 years, state measures to control smoking mixtures have been actively developed and implemented in Austria, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Poland, Lithuania, Sweden, Estonia and are under consideration in other EU member states.

By Abbott